How to Avoid Crowdfunding Scams

05 Jul

One of the best things that happened because of the internet is crowdfunding. If you are one of those who love helping worthy causes, you easily find one to support with your extra money in crowdfunding sites.

Foundations and organizations involved in food, education for needy children, environmental and animal issues often themselves short on funds and use crowdfunding to sustain operations. Even individuals who need assistance, small businessmen and inventors use it to find help.  There are always those that need help.

Unfortunately not all appeals for crowding help is legitimate.  Crowdfunding scams are not uncommon.  Scammers know that generally human beings are compassionate and if they can help will not hesitate to do so.  It is quite easy for them to take advantage of this humane feeling.

If  an inventor appeal for your compassion for  funding of  a product that is supposed to improve the quality of life of people, remember the crystal wash scam and triton gills scam which raised  massive  amounts  of money from crowdfunding  activities. Those who contributed their money thinking they were   helping a worthy were naturally aghast. The money may not matter much to them, but thinking that they gave it to scammers instead of people who deserve help should be pretty galling. For the best crowdfunding services, try this service or view here for more for more tips.

Scams should not make you lose faith in crowdfunding.  They do not mean there are no causes or people or inventions worthy of your support.  You just have to be careful. For example, crowd funders could have avoided getting scammed by the triton gills if only they tried to find out whether the capabilities the product is t supposed to have are possible. It took a research conducted by some concerned individuals to discover that the product is a scam. Researchers also tested the crystal wash and found out that it is inferior to the regular detergents sold in the market.  So before, you send money to a startup seeking financial b assistance for production of a product that is supposed to make the life of ordinary people better, do a bit of research.  There are many online sites that can provide you with information that can either confirm of debunk the claims of product producers.

Crowdfundsing scams are discouraging, but they should not deter you from helping those who are really in need.  Just try to find out more details about what the money is to be used for. You can read more on crowdfunding here:

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